Can You Call Yourself A Writer?

Just because you have done something, doesn’t mean you are something.

Thought Catalog

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I started writing online in early 2006. It wasn’t until December of 2011, nearly six years later, that I got my first check for the act of writing. And that book wasn’t ultimately published in mid-July 2012.

When did I become a writer? Before? During? After? Always?

When does one earn the right to say: “I am a writer”?

Even now there are people who would say I am not one, that even with my books and all the publications that have featured my writing I don’t deserve to call myself that because I write for this site, because my books have a business focus, because I am young, because whatever.

It is a discussion and distinction without clear lines, one that is marked by jealousy, condescension and pettiness. But I actually think it’s an important one nonetheless. One that when held properly…

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